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Blizzard Records are a unique, award-winning independent record label based in Kent, England, UK, founded in 1992, specialising in indie, rock, alternative and singer/songwriters, with sub genre interests including acoustic, pop, folk, and grunge.

Whilst we are generally open to other crossover genres, we do not work with dance, hip-hop, rap, electronic, or heavy metal.

We handpick our bands and artists for our small, selective roster, based on several factors that match both the artist, and our ambitions and requirements.

Blizzard Records is made up of a small team of highly experienced, creative, inventive and skilled producers and engineers with over 80 combined years of knowledge in the field, who are not just sound engineers, but also working and performing musicians in their own right.

What we offer

We are not your run of the mill label.

We are not an artist/band, brand, or radio/press campaign marketing/PR agency.

Our work starts further back along the timeline - In the recording studio.

We work with bands/artists that we hand-pick to work with, and we cover the entire cost of the recording of their album, EP or single from start-to-finish, including digital distribution (release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc), with all recording, mixing and mastering taking place at the Blizzard Records purpose-built professional studio in the South-East of England, UK, engineered and produced by the Blizzard team.

The studio itself is one of the leading studios in Kent, with the studio and Blizzard's producers and engineers currently used by BBC One for the audio recording of various programmes including The One Show, and Countryfile.


Our cog in the wheel is in the studio where we provide our artists with a record that would otherwise cost them tens of thousands of pounds if they were paying for a commercial studio off the street, whilst also having to compromise with rushing and cutting corners due to budget restraints, and working with an engineer or producer who may not be 100% emotionally invested in the project.

We like to immerse ourselves 100% into our bands and artists, and the project. We hand-pick our roster, because we love their sound and want to work closely with them. We generally offer our artists unlimited time to complete their single, EP or album, until we have created art - Not just a quick-fire, rushed record.

Once the record is nearing completion, and then completed, we expect our bands and artists to jump on over to the next cog which is usually touring and promotion of the record.
Please be aware that we are not a PR company, and whilst w
e can assist along the way with music video contacts and social-media promotional advice, we do not have a specialist marketing department. Our role is providing our artists with an incredible record to give them a great boost on the journey to finding commercial success in the industry.

Demo submissions & prerequisites

-You must be an actively, regularly gigging band/artist with a genuine growing fan-base

-You must have a minimum 1,200 'likes' on your band/artist Facebook page

-We expect you to already be regularly posting creative and varied content and updates (at least 3-4 times a week) across your three main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in promotion of your music and brand. 

-Either based in the South-East of England, or willing/committed to travelling to Kent for all recording sessions.

- You must be at the stage where you are looking to record your next big project, usually either an EP or full-length album - We do not release already completed records that have been recorded elsewhere, on our label.

If Blizzard sound like the label for you, and you meet the above prerequisites, please complete the form below to submit your demo to us. We carefully listen to all submissions, and will be in touch if your sound takes our fancy!

Please do not be offended if we do not reply to your submission. We get a huge number of messages, and cannot reply to everyone.

Thanks! Your submission has been sent to us. We will be in touch if your sound takes our fancy!

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